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interim management

Interim management

Practical VAT matters are left behind due to a lack of time or the lack of specific VAT knowledge? As an experienced, in-house Indirect Tax specialist, I can assist your company with daily VAT management activities, carry out a specific project or as a replacement during leave or illness. I take on the role of interim VAT specialist, to guide your company through the technical and complex world of VAT.

I am an experienced VAT specialist and can assist your company with all VAT related issues, ranging from supply chain optimization to managing VAT audits. And from preparing and submitting VAT returns to implementing and understanding changes in VAT regulations.

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BTW ERP integrity/analysis

I assist companies in integrating transactions into your ERP system through VAT ERP analysis:

Inventorying the transaction flows within your company and whether they have been correctly processed in the declarations, checking invoices on a sample basis for the stated transactions and invoice requirements. I also inventory the processes for the processing of VAT transactions, such as authorizations of employees for the input of data into your ERP system. Finally, I also check your VAT codes to match the transaction flows of your company.

BTW compliance

Each European country has its own specific rules and requirements in the field of VAT compliance. Meeting country-specific requirements requires in-depth knowledge and special expertise. At VAT Care, we have both this knowledge and country-specific experience. I can assist your company with checking, preparing and submitting the required VAT compliance returns. I can also help your company submit the specific VAT refund request in the different European countries.
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A VAT due diligence by the tax authorities takes up your company’s time. The Tax and Customs Administration also wants to delve deeper into a number of cases during such an investigation and many questions will arise. I have gained a lot of experience in assisting a VAT due diligence at various companies and can therefore give a good estimate of the expected research points, the points for attention and rules during such an investigation.


My name is Winnie Fung. VAT Care BV was founded in 2012 with a focus on Indirect Tax Solutions. I now have more than 15 years of experience at the Big Four and other multinationals. I have gained VAT knowledge for a number of European countries and I also have experience with VAT/GST in Asia.

I would be happy to help you optimize your VAT processes, check them or take over tax management tasks from you in another role. Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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